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Emerald Gemstone - Enhances the Intellectual Capacity of A Person

Emerald Gemstone – Astrological Values

About Emerald Gemstone

Technically speaking, the emerald gemstone is a variety of beryl, which is a mineral containing beryllium aluminum cyclosilicate. This colored green gemstone features a hardness of 7.5–8 on the Mohs scale. 

About the astrological value of an panna ratna, we can say it has some of the most unique features, including the fact that it finds its mention in Vedic astrology being adulated as a remedial measure against problems one may experience in jobs, business, etc. 

Moreover, it is also beneficial for individuals who are seeking knowledge or in intellectual pursuit in their lives.

History Of Emerald Stone

The name “Emerald” originated from “Smaragdus” which is a Greek word for green. The emerald gemstone were dug out in Egypt as early as 330 BC. On another note, it is also believed that the oldest panna ratna date back to 2.97 billion years old. 

In addition, the most notable figure in history who is said to have a great fancy for emerald is Cleopatra, who is also said to have laid claim on all the panna gemstone in Egypt during her reign. In modern days, the panna gemstone is considered a sign of loyalty, and the beginning of peace and security. 

How Does Astrology Perceive Emerald Gemstone?

For a very long, the panna gemstone has its astrological value, according to Vedic astrology and classical Hindu literature which states that the gemstone represents powerful planet mercury and has a considerable impact on the life of a native. Since the gemstone is associated with planet Mercury (Budh), emerald is also called Budh Ratna. 

Who Is Advised To Wear Emerald Stone?

A person whose mercury is shown in favor in his horoscope should wear emerald to gain a good result, such as going higher in his life. Vedic astrology says that native with strong Budh in the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th, and 10th house is advised to wear the emerald stone to become successful in their lives. 

Benefits Of Wearing An Emerald Gemstone

1. It improves one’s intellectual capacity.

2. A native becomes wiser and courageous.

3. It makes you creatively stronger.

4. One can get sound fitness by wearing the emerald stone.

5. The stone delivers good physical health to the wearer.

6. If you’re looking for a name and fame in life, wearing emerald stone can help you a lot.

7. People with low confidence levels can have better improvement in self-confidence due to emerald.

8. It boosts matrimonial harmony.


Panna Ratna is one of the most popular stones with unique values in terms of astrology. It is believed that people who choose to wear emerald get a lot of benefits, including sound fitness, name, fame, wealth, and success in their chosen pursuit. 

However, we advise our readers that before you choose to wear an emerald stone, make sure you have consulted an erudite astrologer. It is for your benefit, considering not all the natives with different sorts of celestial influences as per their respective horoscope deserve emerald stone. Therefore, wear the stone once you have consulted your astrologer. 

You can also consult our erudite astrologer for more guidance and friendly counseling about original and energized emerald gemstone for your benefit in life.