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AstrologyRemediesStore.com is in the website of Spiritual Products OR Astrology Remedies and we specialize in Certified Gemstones, Original Rudraksha, Siddh Powerful Yantra, Crystal (Sfatik) Items, Parad Items, and Mala (Rosary).

Over the years we have driven customer satisfaction through our high-quality Products and Services. This eCommerce store enables customers to buy genuine products directly from Astrology Remedies Store A division of Pavitra Harsh Sneh Private Limited.

We Astrology Remedies Store assure you of our very best attention and services remain.

About Astrology Remedies Store

With countless stores mushrooming all over the internet offering a plethora of gemstones which are neither original nor energized have confused and swindled a lot of innocent people in the past. Keeping this trouble of people in mind, we have set up Astrology Remedies Store wherein we have brought up the originality and purity of different types of gemstones to the fore. Please note that we have no middlemen and directly serve your order without intervention of any third party. This means all you get from us are purely ORIGINAL, LAB-CERTIFIED, ENERGIZED, ATTUNED and POWERFUL Gemstones, Rudraksha and Yantras.

We are one-stop-solution for siddh and energized products, such as:

1. Gemstone

2. Rudraksha

3. Powerful Yantra

4. Locket Yantra

5. Crystal items

6. Parad items

7. Rosary

What are they?

  • Certified Gemstone – It is considered as a mascot for your growth, success, and luck in all walks of your life. Wearing astrologically suggested gemstone with a mantra can transcend your life’s positive energy thus succeeding you in all endeavors. They come in the form of ruby (Manik), Pearl (Moti), Coral ( Moonga), Emerald (Panna), Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj), Opal, Blue Sapphire (Neelam), Hessonite (Gomed) and Cat's Eye (Lahshunia), etc.
  • Original Rudraksha – The transcendental power of Lord Shiva is said to reside in rudraksha beads, thus anyone wearing rudraksha can have protection from malefic planets and happiness, growth and success in their lives. They are in different types, each holding its specific divine benefits for the wearer.
  • Siddh Powerful Yantra – Anyone under the influence of malefic planets can be helped to lead a successful and happy life with a powerful yantra. Attuned and energized yantras are powerful and considered removal of negative doshas. 
  • Crystal (Sfatik) Items – They are hailed as the giver of serenity in the life of people suffering from negative doshas and other problems arising out of planetary transit and other astrological connections. Ensconce it somewhere sacred place at your home or office and experience positive energy flowing inside your place.
  • Siddh Parad Items – Parad items contain remedial solutions for various diseases associated with heart, body pains, ocular vision, depression, and sleep deprivation syndromes etc. they also awaken the power of memory and make you agile and energetic.
  • Rosary (Mala) – Holy rosary has magical power of restoring your troubled life back to normalcy, with peace and blissful harmony. It controls various ailments, including hypertension, stress and tummy aches. Original and siddh rosary can help you with peace of mind and concentration power.

How do we process your order?

If you place an order for any astrological product above, first of all you receive an order confirmation mail from our end, with details of your order, including total price including applicable service tax. Thereafter, we let you know the real-time update of how the delivery of your order is processed, the detail of the Courier, and where the order package has traveled so far, including the update of expected delivery to be made at your postal address you gave to us at the time of ordering the product. Our team keeps in touch with you until your order is delivered at your home and tendered to you, satisfactorily.

If delivered broken or unsealed, we will take back the defected item and ensure that the refund is paid back to your account, after necessary considerations.