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Original And Authentic Rudraksha Beads

Effective Solutions with Original Rudraksha

Importance And Effects Of Original And Authentic Rudraksha Beads

Importance Of Original, Natural, Authentic Rudraksha Bead

Original and authentic rudraksha beads retain their spiritual and divine significance since time immemorial, say from Satyug and Dwaparyuga known as the eras of lords and saints. The importance of rudraksha beads for human life is substantial. We have real Nepali rudraksha beads at our virtual store room, now being made available for everyone, at an attractive price.

About Rudraksha

In the religious of Hinduism, rudraksha is seen as a prayer bead or blueberry bead is usually associated with the Hindu deity of lord Shiva. The seeds are said to contain cosmic power of lord Shiva and so the wearers attain protection from malefic planetary doshas and rejuvenation from physical ailments, including the one associated with psychiatry. The mantra of Om Namah Shivaya is chanted if you want to attain protection from undesirable planetary doshas while wearing original and authentic rudraksha beads. Buy Rudraksha Online from the store of Astrology Remedies Store.

Astrological Importance Of Rudraksha

The Astrological Importance of Rudraksha

The astrological importance of rudraksha is that in Vedic astrology, Original And Authentic Rudraksha Beads is seen as divine formation of Lord Shiva Himself. And based on this logic, Nepali Rudraksha Beads are supposed to contain the cosmic power of Shiva which can help wearers to attain blessings of Shiva and prevention from various diseases, physical and those associated with the mind.

Planet and Rudraksha

According to Vedic astrology, planets and their cyclic transits cast their malefic or benefic effects in the human lives, based on the nature of such transit as reflected in the horoscope of a zodiac sign. According to the influence of the solar system, the results in your life will happen consequently. The role of rudraksha comes in picture as a preventive measure against malefic planetary doshas and their harmful effects in various aspects of your life, such as in your career, education, health, finance or in your marital life.

Importance of Rudraksha in Human Life

As said before, the life of human is governed by planetary transits and their corresponding effects. That being said, the malefic transit delivers harmful effects while benefic ones delivers good results in your life. The importance of original and authentic rudraksha beads comes in as a great preventive measure for you against malefic planetary transits and their respective effects in your life. Real Nepali Rudraksha nullifies such bad planetary effects, thus giving you blissful living. Another importance is that the holy beads of real nepali rudraksha help you in the attainment of good health and any desire you may have nourished gets fulfilled due to wearing rudraksha and chanting its mantra. Wearing Original Rudraksha has its importance for wearer as it protects them from ill-effects of malefic planet. You are advised to consult an erudite astrologer for the specific type of original and authentic rudraksha beads based on your zodiac sign and as per the analysis of your horoscope.

Rudraksha effects in Vedic astrology

The effects of real nepali rudraksha as per Vedic astrology is that the beads of rudraksha are hailed in regards and related to divine form of Lord Shiva and so these beads contain cosmic power to heal the wearers from malefic planetary effects and give them wellbeing and sound health from psychiatric disorders and other ailments. Vedic astrology also believes that rudraksha beads deliver spiritual values in the life of wearers transforming their personality piously.

Importance of Certified, Original and Siddh Rudraksha in Human Life

Though real nepali rudraksha beads hold their temporal and spiritual values for the wearers, but general rudraksha beads are not to give you the type of benefits you may be looking for. It is rather certified or Siddh Rudraksha that can give you hundred percent benefits in terms of providing you solution for ill-effects of malefic planets and evil eyes. Certified, original and siddh rudraksha beads can give you the most effective results which are not found in those beads sold in market un-energized.

About Astrology Remedies Store

Astrological Remedies is one-stop solution to certified, purified, siddh/Energized Rudraksha beads sold at a reasonable pricing for everyone.


Rudraksha beads which are said to be divine form of Lord Shiva benefit the wearers in more than one way. original and authentic real nepali rudraksha beads protects you from evil eyes and harmful influences of malefic planets. Fulfillment of desired ambitions also comes in your life by wearing real nepali rudraksha. Consult an erudite astrologer for a comprehensive solution about choosing a right type of rudraksha based on your zodiac sign and study of horoscope. For best results, always choose and wear certified and energized real nepali rudraksha rosary. It provides salvation to hopeless living. OM NAMAH SHIVAAY